Can you imagine your life without social media? Not really, isn’t it? Think nowadays social media has become a general part of people’s lives and daily routines. Also, business in social media are growing at the speed of light!

So, in this article we’re going to share trend predictions for social media marketing in 2020, and where things should be headed. Let’s start! 

1.The Video Will Become The Primary Type of Content

In fact, with 80% of web traffic via social media now driven by video content. These social media television channels should be considered as you develop your digital advertising strategy. 

Moreover, YouTube continues to be a very popular for watching music videos, movies, sports games or whatever you will need. It’s really strong possibility that social media will eventually compete traditional television as the Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.

Vertical TV is also becoming more popular; Samsung has specifically developed a television that pivots the screen to accommodate vertical TV. This is because an increasing amount of video is now being captured on mobile devices.

2. Live Streaming Events Will Dominate

Live video is incredibly popular with consumers! People are watching live streaming video longer than pre-recorded video. 

Live streaming platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Periscope create business developers more options to connect with potential customers. They’re using showcase product launches, walk through DIY tutorials, and to give a chance a look behind the scenes.

Watching the most popular events from “the first seat”!

Also, they can be used for events such as Ted Talks, fashion events, etc. When a major event happens, many people come to social media to watch all the news. So, live streaming allows them to watch what is happening from and to join in on the conversation from another site of screen. 

 It’s completely free!

Well, you don’t need any special software or equipment. All it need is a computer or smartphone with a camera and an active account with your chosen platform.

 3. Podcast Voice!

2019 Became a huge rise in podcast trend worldwide! According to the statistics, 22% of Americans listening to podcasts regularly on a weekly basis, which is 62 million people.

The great think, the audience will still grow, which means there are a lot of good opportunities for creators and marketers to reach an audience in this stable environment.

–   Podcast host is high trust influencers for niche, valuable audiences.

– Listeners are favorable towards ads in podcasts as they are less intrusive and more relevant.

Importantly, podcasts will compete with other audio sources, e.g. online radio, music streaming, etc. and also with other content sources like YouTube.

High audio quality need

Essentially, people are listening podcasts appreciate the quality and even feel smarter after listening to them! So, the advice is more efforts need to be put into content planning and improving high audio quality.

4. Micro-Influencers Cost-Effective!

Well, finding new customers can be really hard… Luckily, by cooperating with micro-influencers you can quickly find more potential customers within the group you are target in. So, partnering with micro-influencers has become a really popular and effective component of marketing strategies.

Great for small business developers

The main thing, most famous and super trending influencers comes with high costs and a long negotiation period with their agency or network, while micro-influencers often cooperate in exchange for free products, promotion of their  social media handle or a significantly smaller price.

Social media has always been great for small business developers and startups. It allows small brands with little to no budget to compete with larger brands on the same stage. So, we’re pretty sure about a larger opportunity for the growth of micro-influencers in the year 2020. 

Build brand trust

According to Nielsen data, 90% of consumer trust peer recommendations while only 33% follow ads. Micro-influencers are highly effective than glossy ads, because they are known as peer recommendations.

The advertising industry are fighting for users trust for ages! Finally, with micro-influencers and related recommendation-based marketing activities there is a great tool to sustain and build trust. 

5. Short, Crispy Stories Information Will Become Marketers Favorites  

It saves tons of time! And takes less than a few minutes to consume information in an easy-to-view way. Also, it is innovative! This type of information is still relatively new and people like it.

For a while, stories were using to Snapchat, but then Instagram, IGTV and Facebook Stories came out, and now even YouTube has its own stories format.

On action!

Well, no one wants be left out of  a joke or party… This is commonly called FOMO—or  the fear of be missing out.  

5. Shopping on Social Media

In fact, the social aspect of shopping is more relevant than ever as social media and eCommerce now go hand-in-hand. Social media has billions of users around the world today, and it make sense for eCommerce companies to promote their things online.

Comfortable shopping experience! 

People love ordering thing online and expect to be found brands products through social platforms.

Who wants to leave house when is super cold or rainy?! It’s comfortable shopping experience where customers don’t need to leave the house to shopping.

 6. Chatbots And Messenger Integration

– Hello, it’s customer service!

Chatbots are used by many major online companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google. They are using for customer service to providing quick answers, addressing complains, or help solve technical problems.

 Chatbots achieve higher open and click-through rates than email

The great think, this advertising method let you delight users with a fun, personalized experience. Well, you should forget boring marketing emails of huge paragraphs of text for your customers. With Chatbots, messages are concise and can be informal (including GIF, EMOJI, etc.).

Just one Click!

Yes, just one click and your bot already has access to the user’s data on their Facebook account. It simply has to ask permission to access it. To put it simply, you’ will begin building a list of contacts interested in your brand, and will be able to connect them on a future.

 7. Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising can help your business to create ads tailored to a user, from their behavior and interests, also can help you reach the right people at the right time.

One of the well-known examples of contextual advertising is Google AdSense. Google robots automatically show ads that relevant to your users.

Let’s say, if you stay on movie review website, AdSense might serve contextual ads to buy movie tickets. The ads are taken from the inventory of advertisers who register through AdWords.

Mobile device has huge activity

Mobile has enabled advertisers to take the concept of contextual advertising. Emails, push notifications, SMS messages — they let truly connect consumers at the right time. For example, Apple includes situation predictions on their device holders based on past behavior interests.

Creative space!

Contextual advertising is a fantastic opportunity for business owners to get creative. Think about when a user may be seeing your content. How will they be engaging with your brand and product?

8. Augmented/Virtual Reality

This makes advertising interactive and people enjoy it! One of the first major companies to use this AR technology was Ikea on 2013.

It’s a form of media reality

There’s a huge of potential in this type of technology. For example, on virtual tours of homes, during which paint colors can be changed, walls can be removed or moved to a different spot, etc.

Also, makeup companies can enable potential customers to try on their products holding phone.

There’s a lot of ways in which AR can be used, and while this far its usage has been limited. Expect this to be a big grow in 2020.

Innovative brand image

First, innovation requires jump out of the usual way and doing things like they have never been before. For instance, selling sneakers through street signs (Nike).

Companies that create virtual reality ads are assured to attain an innovative brand image.