Email marketing strategy has been around very long time, and for a big reason. It’s the most effective way of directly connecting and develop relationships with potential customers or clients. Also, marketers can turn one-time online buyers into loyal fans! 

Why email marketing services are so important?

  • The two biggest of email marketing advantages are price and easy to create
  • One of the most popular communication channel. Everyone (almost) uses email!
  • Increase brand awareness  
  • It’s an effective way to keep customers informed 
  • Email has been shown to build a better ROI compared to other marketing channels
  • You can track in email marketing tools bounce, delivery, unsubscribe, click and through rates

The main question: how to do email marketing? 

So, in this email marketing guide, we’ll explain you how to do this effective to generate sales.

#1 Know your online marketing goals

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going”
– Earl Nightingale, American writer 

Yup, marketing is all about your brand goals! Without them, you get lost easily. So, marketers who write down their goals and tasks are more likely to make them a reality. With clear goals in place, you can easily begin creating the strategy step by step to achieve them. 

Look, here is a list of common goals for an email marketing campaign:

  • Develop strong relationships with stakeholders by providing something they’ll value 
  • Re-engaging the audience that hasn’t been active for a while
  • Reach new email list and start to build a relationship with them
  • Segment your audience accordingly and send content that is relevant only them
  • Grow brand awareness

#2 Understand your email list audience

Knowing your target audience is everything! The more you know about your audience, the more powerful your email marketing efforts will become. 

You should this get to know about your audience:

  • Values
  • Personality traits
  • Opinions
  • Interests

If you know your audience, that will help you: 

  • Come up with an accurate list of topics and keywords to target to write your email letter
  • Create an effective user experience
  • Craft the meaningful message to cause your readers to take action
  • Optimize your emailing content 

OK, but how get to know the target audience of brand? 

Don’t worry, you’ll recognize them soon! Use data from Google Analytics and your social media profiles, like the Facebook, Instagram. It has a data on interests, demographics, and location, also a lot of other things, that’ll give you a view of who your customers are and what they’re interested about. 

Plus, there is social media the listening method! It goes with various social networks to discover what is being said about your brand, your competitors, and topics relevant to your business. 

#3 Email copywriting

“A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy towards them”

– George Gribbin

To start with, all marketer wants to create a hook that people want to read on, do you?

So for an effective email marketing, your goal is to communicate. Let’s think of your list as a friend. This starts with everyday language, short sentences and paragraphs. It should be easy to read and super easy to scan. Your task is to make people comfy! 

Make it personal

Remember: in this age of overloaded information, everyone is looking for a reason to delete your emails and move on. Really, they aren’t looking for a reason to put attention on them. But if you appeal to them on a personal way, you’ll stand a better chance of getting that email clicked.

Write for People! 

Hey, listen, these people have emotions, so don’t treat them only about business and don’t speak logical quotes all the times. Otherwise, that message is just going to end up in the trash… Writing to everyone on your list should sound by your natural voice and aim  to connect on emotional level.

Moreover, don’t forget your customers at the most important time! Remember them on their birthday, anniversary or on other special occasions. Send to the email a nice card and suggest gift or discount what they care about. Make sure you’re doing this with the mindset of touching your customer live and let them feel better. They will remember your brand about great experience you provided.

Make them laugh! Lol

Everyone loves to laugh! Calm down, you don’t have to be a comedian in order to pull off a humorous email. If you know their likes and dislikes, it will be easy to pull off a joke or make a tongue-in-cheek comment. By the way, it makes your emails more memorable.

You can always try to send a funny poll, GIF, video or awesome images. All this keeps readers more engaged.

Show the value 

Remember that you have to continually show the value to your readers. Feel the passion in your business and use this to your language. Every single message need to say something of real value. The higher value of each email you write, the more loyal your customers will become, and your click rates will increase.

#4 Track email data

Always keep a close eye on your data statistic of how many email addresses were undeliverable or what time of the day people opened your message mostly. These details will tell you a lot important information about your email’s performance.

Also, use Google Analytics on your website to tag your emails with custom campaign tracking. This can show you how the emails are driving traffic to your pages and how those visitors behave once they visit your site. Collected with this powerful information, now you can manage your marketing strategy. 

 #5 Grow email list

Next, your job is to make sure you’re constantly adding new contacts to your email marketing tools to keep your numbers moving up.

To grow your email contact list, you need to attract people with a special offer that provides value to your web visitors in exchange for email address.

Look, some great examples are:

  • Tutorial or education video to learn how to do one specific thing. The best part, videos have a higher perceived value!
  • A coupon to give those people what they are looking for
  • Challenge. For example, try to fitness, wellness challenge and so on. It creates a strong brand relationship by connecting a community– everyone is doing the challenge together, at the same time
  • Free consultation. This could be a successful key if you offer a service
  • Use a postcard on a sign-up page (and let people know what they’re going to receive)

  • Put a sign-up form on your Facebook Page
  • Offer an exclusive access “You’ll hear it here first!”

  • Collect through guest Wifi

#6 Make emails mobile-friendly 

Firstly think about your own experience when you open an email which doesn’t display properly on your mobile device. Even if it’s from a message that interests you, probably you not want to spend your time to deciphering the message, do you?

Here are advices to make your email marketing more mobile friendly:

  • Use smaller pictures to reduce load time. Many mobile users still use 3G or slower connections

  • Use a larger font. Small fonts are too difficult to read on mobile screen. A font size of 13 or 14 pixels makes your email substantially more readable on a small screen

  • Use a big call-to-action button. Big buttons are easier to press with a thumb

  • Don’t assume images will be show all mobiles (Android turns images off by default). First, make sure it looks good without them. Images should illustrate your message and not replace your content

  • All in all, must be tested on multiple devices!

#7 Keep your emails out of spam filters

Oh, do you have low email open rates? Well, one of the reasons may be that they fall into junk inbox.

Let us help you! Here are some great tricks to save your emails from falling into spam folders:

  • Avoid excessive use of “sales” speaking. These are spam trigger words like buy, clearance, discount, or cash. Also these kind of triggers you better forget as well: congratulations, great offer, guarantee, for only special promotion and so on
  • Include your location

  • Get the permission to them email and teach subscribers how to keep your emails organized in a special folder

  • Don’t use URL shorteners or full URL strings for your links. The entire hyperlink which is containing hundreds of characters into emails are looked from spam filters
  • Clean up your email contact list periodically if any subscribers  haven’t taken action with your message campaigns in a while
  • Include an “Unsubscribe” link. If you don’t, you will get spam complaints! Of course, when someone wants to be removed, you need to process it too

#8 Let’s test before sending!

Finally, this is the last one. Just to make sure, remember those keys before sending your email marketing goods for your subscribers: 

First, it’s very important to make sure that your name, address to reply, subject line, and preview text are all optimized well without any errors include. 

Double-check that whatever documents you’ve said you’ve attached are actually attached and they work well. Or, if you’ve paste a link to a doc, make sure the link is correct. No epic mistakes needed, lol! 

Also, make sure the format looks great on both your desktop and smartphone. 

So, this is it. In view of the above, give value, feel passion for your business, hold the pen and create a powerful meaning message to affect people

See you soon,
Dropton team 

Yes, excellent customer service is really powerful growth tool for eCommerce business. Beyond question, mastery of customer service gives a high competitive edge to your brand in a crowded market. So, on this point, we’re sharing the awesome tools to set up the right foundation.

“If you do build a great experience,
customers tell each other about that.
Word of mouth is very powerful.”
– Jeff Bezos, founder of

1 The Power of Listening

Say back what you’ve heard

Right, let’s start with the most important tool. It shows that you’ve understood the most salient points and lets the sender know that the message is put on your attention and carefully evaluated.
It can be done very simply just in one sentence. Just say: “I want to make sure that I understood you correctly”. Then repeat in your own words what you think you hear.
Or ask them to explain what you don’t understand they have told you. Also, you can ask the questions when everything is clear to show your properly attention.
Always remember that your feedback must be based on understanding, even if your opinion and beliefs are different.

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.”
– Henry Ford

2 Welcome And Appreciated Customer

The customer likes to feel that he is buying, not selling to him

Well, speaking of Psychology, one of the main features of humanity is the want be significant. The attention putted on us feeds our ego and makes us feel special, isn’t it?
People who are struggling to be of service to others, gain an extraordinary advantage. So, on social media, email, phone or person to person, etc. You must make the person feel welcomed.

“Focus on user and prefer best practices of digital marketing, and the [rest] will follow.”
– Murat Yatağan, Vice President, Growth at Brainly

Wow, it’s you!

Do not immediately get happy when you’re answering the call! Of course, respond kindly and professionally. But when you hear who is calling, then let the smile illuminate your face and spill out with your voice. Here you go! The customer will understand that you were happy to hear him. This is called “Phone Power”.
Thank you. So simple, but so powerful
It goes beyond simple courtesy. “Thank you” at the right time helps to build the trust and customers will often lead to increased business and referrals.

“For ecommerce, the most important thing is trust.”
– Jack Ma, Chinese business magnate

Key phrases:

“Thank you for taking the time to asking for us about…”
“Thank you! We look forward to serving you again the next time”
“Thank you for your order”
“Thank you for choosing us. We’re glad you’re here”
Personalize the message
In truth, we absolutely love people that are interested in us! They become close to us and we usually respond the same way on their attention, do you?
Unfortunately, many people send customers the same sample of the message. Also, many people communicate with customers on messages as if they are driving a car. They think that if you don’t see a person face to face, you can speak roughly and unkindly. We hope so, those who have done this, now will change!

Key phrases:

“Hi (Name) your order of (Product) just shipped!”
“Hello (Name), welcome back!”

3 Let The Customer Become the Part of Business

Ah, it’s a brilliant idea for you! Mobile-only bank based in the United Kingdom Monzo, lets the customer share their feedback and ideas to help the brand improve its product. Every customer loves being able to have a voice in a business! The great advantage of this are not only done it increases brand approach. It also supports Monzo to build a truly customer-based product.

4 Always Use Positive Language :)))

We can do it. It’s possible. Let’s do this 🙂 Look, here’s no stress! People have enough stress in this world, isn’t it? If you want to get their hearts, you should be the genial that grabs them stress away. Go ahead! 🙂

Key thoughts:

First, avoid sounding pushy! You don’t want your customers going to avoid you, do you? So, instead of “You‘ll have to,” say “Could you” or “Would you be able to” or “What I’ll need is…”
Use YES Instead of no. “No, because…” -> “Yes, as soon as…”
Brighten your messages with happy emoji! 🙂
Use as more as you can positive words to get the results

“I don’t know how to do this” -> “We can learn how to figure it out!”
“It’s not possible at the moment” -> “We don’t have this item at the moment. We’re happy to say, it will be able on the next week. We can place your order and make sure it will be sent to you as soon as it gets to us. Is it good for you?”
“Happy customer is a walking advertisement.”
– Kwan Harsono, founder and CEO

First, avoid sounding pushy! You don’t want your customers going to avoid you, do you? So, instead of “You‘ll have to,” say “Could you” or “Would you be able to” or “What I’ll need is…”
Use YES Instead of no. “No, because…” -> “Yes, as soon as…”
Brighten your messages with happy emoji! 🙂
Use as more as you can positive words to get the results

“I don’t know how to do this” -> “We can learn how to figure it out!”
“It’s not possible at the moment” -> “We don’t have this item at the moment. We’re happy to say, it will be able on the next week. We can place your order and make sure it will be sent to you as soon as it gets to us. Is it good for you?”
“Happy customer is a walking advertisement.”
– Kwan Harsono, founder and CEO

5 Conflict Resolution

Oh, one of the main mistakes of conflict resolution is to look for who is guilty and who is right, or who is good and who is bad… Wait! In the worst case, such issues are dealing by lawyers or professional consultants.
Please, take your responsibility – don’t lay blame others. 🙂 It’s not stylish! Instead of “It’s not my fault,” say -> “ Here’s what I can do to fix that.”

Be an expert of communication!

Ask questions, listen! Same as we talked in the first trick, rephrase what you heard to check customer understanding, and take a genuine interest in each person’s concerns.
Instead of talking about the past, talk about what you can do now and in the future. Voila! Here’s your highness communication excellence!
All in all, end the conversation with a good note. Importantly, always make sure that involved customers leave the conflict situation feeling that they have won.
To stay professional in a process, use the CARP method:
Control the situation
Acknowledge the dilemma
Refocus the conversation
Problem-solve so the customer leaves happy

Show empathy

Empathy is the key to customer support! This understanding form is dealing with all parties are happy with. In a real-time environment, demonstrating empathy needs to be the default approach.
Certain phrases to make your upset customer feel more at ease and calm down:
“I know how important the product is to you.”
“We understand your position and know how confusing it can be.”
“We know how upsetting this must be.”
“I would be so annoyed in the same situation”
“Empathy is the ultimate form of customer insight”
– Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group

Ups! Don’t forget apologize

Well, the best customer service trick is based on the knowledge of what are you apologizing for. The typical one “I’m sorry you’re upset” is not a good example of understanding the problem and doesn’t works well.
Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine how the problem affected. Did they lose money or they lost trust in your products? Well understand through the context for your customer’s anger and write an apology.

6 Know How to Close a Conversation

Make sure all their needs are done

The way you respond to your customers shows how you respect them and their. Also, this is really important to maintain a close relationship for the future.

Keys phrases:

For good measure, before you end a conversation, always throw in an extra question: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“Should you have any questions, please let us know”
“We would appreciate your attention to this matter”

And then:

“We’re looking forward to hear back from you”
“I hope you continue to enjoy our service!”

Bring to your attention:

  • Look at things in the eyes of customers! 
  • Feedback must be based on understanding
  • Use a personal message to create a meaningful connection
  • Let the customers feel appreciable by saying them thank you
  • Make sure that involved customers leave the conflict situation feeling that they have won
  • Words has a huge power! They can help you to create long and trusted business friendship
  • Use as more as you can positive words to get the results
  • Rephrase what you heard to check for customer understanding
  • Empathy is the key to customer support 
  • The best customer service trick is based on the knowledge of what are you apologizing for
  • Put your attention on closing conversation 

Right, do your best, enjoy and believe in your business success!

See you soon,
Dropton team