Every year, Mother’s day is the third-largest holiday after Christmas and Valentine’s day. According to the Search Engine Journal, this year is an expected spend of over $21.2 billion on this special Mother’s Day in the US alone! Shoppers are buying gifts not just for moms. They want to surprise also their stepmothers, grandmother, sisters, friends, and even daughters.

When is the perfect time to start your Mother’s Day advertising campaign?

We recommend starting promoting your campaigns 3 to 4 weeks before. This will help shoppers to decide what to buy and take the best shipping time. Before diving into Mother’s Day marketing strategy, think about who you’re targeting. Ask yourself: who do you want to reach with your products and what are their shopping objectives for Mother’s Day?

So, in this blog, we’ll put on your attention a list of 5 Mother’s Day marketing strategies 2020 that will help to boost your ecommerce business sales traffic. Let’s jump right in!

1 Start sending Mothers Day messages to your shoppers and email list

The email will play a big role in promoting your Mother’s Day marketing campaign

Create a special email marketing campaign with Mother’s Day as a wonderful theme. This helps ensure your consumers will think about your business when it comes time for them to look for Mother’s Day gifts.

You could include a list of your most popular products for Mother’s Day based on previous shoppers’ behavior to help find people the right products this year. Also, make it easy to find presents on a budget. Create customers the immediate option to shop for gifts within a certain price range.

Encourage urgency with countdown timers

Offer select product discounts on coming to Mother’s Day. Then, create a countdown timer into your email marketing strategy is an opportunity to increase urgency, as shoppers want to snap up a good deal before it runs out. With offers served in real-time, retailers can be sure that shoppers know exactly how long left time to buy your goods.

Use authentic images

Show real mothers in your emails! It’s such a wonderful strategy of creating personal, authentic images in your marketing emails. It goes with trust! Showing reals customers’ images in marketing strategy is an emotionally effective way to stand out.

Inform shoppers about delivery 

Of course, include a handy shipping guide to so customers know about order deadlines. Delivery arrivals are always a worry for online shoppers, especially for hurrying orders such as Mother’s Day gifts. Don’t forget to create last-minute email campaigns! Also, there is an amazing opportunity to offer next day delivery. This can convince last-minute shoppers to order from your online store. Offer free shipping on select Mother’s Day gift ideas. It’s a great method that will help you highlight key products you want them to sell.

2 Create a page for Mother’s Day shopping

Next, make it easier for Mother’s Day shoppers to find what they’re looking for! Add a special Mother’s Day offers on your online store homepage that people can find all the mom-centric products they need in one place. Take a good look at your products that would make every mother smile :))

3 Video Marketing 

Think beyond the sale 
The world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social video per day. And those who are headed towards digital marketing sales grow should have a complete understanding of the power of video as a marketing tool. Of course, not every Mother’s Day video should be sales promotion. Consider what feels unique of your brand, and let’s be memorable among the other Mother’s Day advertising campaigns that your audience will inevitably meet. Make people impressed. Emotions drive a customer experience that will grow your business.

The great example “Pandora: The Unique Connection”

This iconic Mother’s Day video campaign garnered 20 million YouTube views. It effectively integrates the brand name into convincing storytelling: children are blindfolded and told to pick out their mother from a group of women. The video perfectly shows the little things that make the mother-child bond so special. The campaign either executed perfectly on the standard approaches or add an original twist.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,
but about the stories you tell.”
– Seth Godin, American author and former dot com business executive

4 Ask your customers to share their mom-centric content

Well, Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifts for mams. Inspire people in making this special day even better through heart-warming content. Here plays a big role in the stories or photos that people share about their moms and relationships. So, give your customers the opportunity to share with you special stories about their moms.

Launch a giveaway for Mother’s Day

Everyone loves giveaways! This is a good way to get sales for your online store. So, your shoppers could submit stories and photos (along with a relevant hashtag) to share on social networks for a possibility to win your product to their mom on this special day.

5 Create Mother’s Day quotes or MEMES for social media

Share popular jokes, quotes or even share popular celebrity moms which inspire people all around the world. Be creative! If you lack the ideas of what to publish, take a look and get inspired by searching Mother’s Day Quotes on Pinterest.

Don’t be late!

Here’s Mother’s Day 2020 dates across the globe:

US – May 10
Australia – May 10
Ireland – March 22
France – June 7
Spain – December 8
Portugal – May 3
Middle East – March 21
Hungary – May 3
Germany -May 10
Austria -May 10
Switzerland – May 10
Greece and Cyprus -May 10
Israel – February 25
Russia – March 8
Ukraine – May 10

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