Here comes Spring shopping–one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year! So many people want to start their own online businesses and face one common problem: they don’t know what to sell… Well, there are countless pructs that you can sell this spring on your onlnine martket, and you can get started right after this review.

We’ve used these two main resources for our research:

Google Trends
Social media channels: Facebook and Instagram

Alright, now it’s time to get started with our list of products to sell this spring on your online store! 

1 Face massage Rollers 

Face rollers are a great thing if you’re looking for dropshipping products to sell in spring 2020. This product gets an impressive 49,500 every month searches proving this is an item people really need. Search “face roller” on YouTube, and there will come nearly 80,000 results. You can market this face massager by creating Google ads targeting keywords like “face massager.

Face massage rollers: the secret from the ancient Chinese skin care 

With our culture’s growing up with natural products and holistic treatments, one of the latest beauty trends is on the rise: face massage rollers. Indeed, this is not a new thing. Face massage rollers have held a special place in Chinese culture for centuries. This simple massager can be used to massage the chin, nose, cheeks , etc.

Instagram ‘star’

Instagram is connecting beauty brands and influencers. Face roller became one of the most popular Instagram product. You can also create simple videos showing your massager being used on the face to demonstrate its benefits. Then, Then, use those videos for social media ads.

All in all, face rollers are really great choice if you’re looking for dropshipping products to sell in this spring. Hurry up!

2 Hiking Backpacks 

Spring is the perfect time for hikers! And hikers love to buy new stuff for this season. The analyzed data shows backpacks a clear frontrunner as one of the best products to sell online on spring. Backpack sales will grow from $19.1 billion in 2020 to $22.5 billion in 2023. So, this should be a top product on your sales.

Remember, when it comes to listing these products in your store, to try and nail your product descriptions. Just make sure you include as much useful information as you can in your product descriptions – it could convert customers.

3 Running/Athletic Shoes

Summer bodies are getting ready on spring! When the weather thaws and the days get longer— it encourages sports outside and morning runs. In fact, mesh shoes for women and men have been a best-selling item for the last two years and will be a trending product in 2020.

Authenticity of photos

Buyers will especially be worrying about counterfeits. Before you get started your campaign, stay away from the images of other websites. Make sure all your photographs are original photos. Not having your own images is the first thing that could prevent shoppers from trusting the authenticity of your brand. Take the right photographs to take pictures for your sneakers selling list. Include three or four detailed shots from the different angles. 

4 Portable power bank 

It’s very useful when you have a power cut at your home or no electricity area. So, power banks are always giving freedom to use the smartphone without worrying about its battery. Travel without worrying about charging point or phone’s battery.

However, most people don’t have power banks just yet, or at least, not one that they can carry easily around with them every single day. So, that’s exactly why this great product could prove to be a winner for your store.

5 Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers (sometimes called smartwatches) are a wrist-worn device that can detect some combination of walking steps, running distance, heart rate, sleep patterns, and swimming laps.Fitness bands interact via Bluetooth with an app in a mobile device that configures the device and downloads the wearer’s activity data. The statistics shows, they are around 1.2 billion globally sold each year. Worldwide revenue from fitness trackers is expecting to grow to $3.33 billion in 2022.

Offering these bands as an upsell to your customers is a great way to help increase overall sales.

6 Minimalist wallets 

As the world progresses to a cashless society, the need to carry wads of cash in your wallet is decreased and the majority of wallets inevitably become slimmer as a result. May as well jump on the trend ahead of the pack, right?

That’s exactly why minimalist wallets are so great. People are moving away from chunky wallets – they need a new, streamlined take on their comfortable wallets.And spring is a great time to show on those buyers these great minimalistic goods!

7 LED pet collars

Here comes one of the best dropshipping product for pets 2020.

It is the most daunting task to get hold of pet if it is faster than you. Sometimes, WE even lose the sight of him. Calling their names won’t help either, if they are lost in the fun. But, these collars are an amazing device which help owenrs find your dog by following the LED light.

Truly, pets owners love to buy new things for their furry friends. In fact, Americans spend $70 billion on pets! They spend more money on their pets at a higher rate than they are on medicine or food! So, LED pet collars should be a great product that pet owners are looking for on spring. When you’re marketing these products, we recommend creating videos. You really need to show the product being used to demonstrate its value.

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