On January 30, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global public health emergency situation. Even so, the coronavirus is still causing the epidemic. On March 3, the virus had infected at least 92196 people and the death toll climbed to 3129 globally. It reached out to 37 other countries.   

The Chinese government took precautions of local and international populations’ safety and shut down the trade transportations. As a result, this outbreak has a high impact on the economy and business and affects at least 20% of the national GDP in 2020. 

In fact, most of the dropshipping business suppliers are from China. American and European dropshippers enterprises use the highly lucrative business model delivering products manufactured straight from China. Therefore, this period is a real challenge to run their business.  

On this point, let’s find out the strategy for dropshipping business during coronavirus. 

First of, what is the current status of the coronavirus?

China slowly back to life. Now, as some factories starting to work is clear that China is restarting. However, China’s efforts to prevent the virus does not match with trying the country to get back to work.  

According to the medics, the virus seems to be not so deadly as other coronaviruses including MERS or SARS. UNICEF says that over $ 42 million is needed to overcome the coronavirus. 

When can we expect the resumption of resume work?

China’s government classifies the regions of the severity of the epidemic and arranges for most important companies and factories back to work as soon as possible.

Factors related to the Dropshipping industry will not get support to be opened preferentially. 

How dropshippers should handle coronavirus?

Inform your customers

Manufacturing and logistics facility shutdowns due to the coronavirus could be longer-than-expected closures. First of all, be honest. You should apologize to the shoppers for the situation and prepare them for possible delays. 

Be professional and patient! Don’t take the customers’ complaints personally. Think you can always refund the money back, even give certain discounts to remain a friendly relationship.   

We have useful information on how to handle this situation and how to communicate with your customers:

Also, create an informational banner on your store website to make sure every shopper sees that your products are delaying. It’s even better if you not mention that it’s about virus issues and extreme situations. 

Improve  your business strategy

Plan your advertising budget according to your daily order ratio and reduce the advertising budget if it’s needed.

It’s a great time to improve a niche for your business, learn which IT solutions can facilitate your dropshipping way, find the most suitable and attractive design for your website, find out trending products to sell, etc.

After Chinese suppliers go back on track, you will be ready to boost your online store with new and higher goals!

Look for the partners who have warehouses in US or Europe

This situation is a great advantage to let your business opportunities grow.

Create a list of new reliable suppliers and confirm whether long-term cooperation can be foreseen. On this point, you can even cut down on delivery time and avoid major delivery delays.

Explore new territories. When your competitors shut down advertising and trading, now is a great opportunity for you to expand your business into new territories.

Also, use the AliDropship Plugins to build a product database. This will give you a list of partners who send products from any country that is needed for your online store.

Can the customer get the coronavirus from a package delivered from China? 

U.S. health officials said that there is no evidence to support the transmission of the coronavirus through imported products. There is a low survival ability of these coronaviruses on the surfaces. This is because the packaging has been shipped over days or weeks at ambient temperatures.

Of course, there isn’t clear research about the specific resiliency of this virus, because it is so new and not well known yet. 

The Dropton team 

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