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Why do unrecognized brands attract consumers?

In today’s market, there is an opinion that a visible and easily recognizable brand is the only way to get the hearts of consumers. However, according to the experts, the real connection between the consumer and the product is not formed solely on the basis of the brand, so its visibility does not necessarily have […]

How to Create Instagram Ads: The Complete 2020 Guide

Nowadays, people definitely prefer spending time on Instagram over Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Because of this, it makes sense to advertise your business on Instagram.  So, in this blog, we’ll talk about everything you should know about Instagram Ads. Let’s get started!  Benefits of Instagram Ads  First, ad recall on Instagram Ads is 2.8x higher […]

How to Set Up a Facebook Shop in 2020?

Facebook captures a lot of attention, with people spending on average of 35 minutes every day on the platform, so it seems like a no-brainer that engaging with your Facebook community is a great way to grow your business. So in this article, we’ll show you the steps to create a Facebook page for business.  […]

Why do you need to treat dropshipping as a business?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment strategy where the retailer does not keep products in inventory, but relies on wholesalers or manufacturers to actually ship orders to customers. You can start a dropshipping business with zero inventory and immediately start making money. Benefits of dropshipping  First, you don’t need to store your products What is the […]

How to price your products for online sales?

Economic theory states that price is determined by the interaction of supply and demand. The main component of supply is cost, and the main component of demand is the price. Working together, they constantly adjust to each other. In order to survive and expand, companies must set a commodity price that will ultimately cover the […]


Practice shows that only 10% of advertisements affect the consumer and motivate them to make a purchase decision. Due to the high competition, more than half of brands end up shortly after their launch.  Brands seeking to dominate in the market must pay increasing attention to packaging design, which can boost consumer purchasing decisions by […]